Having a website that is strategically built and easy to navigate, will increase your conversion rate, delivering more revenue to your business.


The designs used throughout your branding should visually represent your business in a way that aligns with your brand and reflects a consistent message.


Each business has its own individual needs. Therefore, we will build a clear and bespoke strategy for your brand development.


Although we work with brands in all industries, our team specialises in events and understands how to bring your event to the right audience.

what we do best?

We take the time to
 understand your vision and make that vision a reality

It’s our job to interpret your vision and make your brand dreams come true. We understand that your brand means the world to you and we have helped many business owners, just like you, to bring those dreams to life.

Whether that’s via a website, logo, label design, social media templates, event flyer or a product advertisement… we are here to help translate and inject the passion, talent and dedication that you have into your brand.

Elite Salon Two-sided postcard by I AM SQUARED
Simpson and Hall website by I AM SQUARED - PC visual of website
I AM SQUARED HMO Mag Media Pack - Brochure mockup - inside pages

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We have the Best Clients!

We work with an array of businesses from all different industries. Our clients constantly inspire us with the passion and dedication that they put into their businesses. Here’s what they have to say about their experience working with us.

“Our brand was transformed with a stunning logo and cohesive design strategy that truly resonates with our audience. Their expertise has significantly boosted our customer engagement and sales.”

Anna Johnson

“I AM SQUARED revamped our outdated website into a sleek, user-friendly platform that perfectly reflects our brand’s personality. The new design has attracted more visitors and improved our conversion rates significantly.”

Eric Black

The I AM SQUARED team created a visually striking and intuitive website that captures the essence of our brand perfectly. Their creative approach has greatly enhanced our online presence and customer engagement.

John Collins

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