Welcome to I AM SQUARED

Hello, I’m Amanda, Founder and Creative Director of I AM SQUARED. After working in event marketing for seven years, I realised I needed to follow a more creative path. On this journey, I discovered my passion for all things ‘branding’ and found the work that I was doing with small businesses to be all the more satisfying. And now, here we are – I get the pleasure of working with businesses’ like yours, whilst doing what I love! 

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact – I am always happy to  connect and answer any questions!


Closing the visual gap between small and large businesses

There are so many examples of small business owners with incredible expertise offering the most amazing products and services, often of a higher quality and providing a more personalised service than large companies. Although they are specialists in their field, many do not have the resources and access to develop their branding and marketing. This often leaves them with a visible disadvantage that sets them apart from larger businesses with a robust marketing team behind them.

The aim of I AM SQUARED is to close the gap between how businesses of different sizes present their brand and market themselves. How is this achieved? By facilitating small businesses with the tools to align with their larger competitors.

Our Passion

For business owners without the time to give to marketing – we pride ourselves on understanding your brand vision and bringing it to life, from concept to implementation. We care about businesses like yours and the people behind them, who dedicate themselves to sharing their expertise and talents. We want your business to reach its full potential and understand that a big part of what drives a business to success, is its branding and marketing. We are passionate about adding value to your brand, by developing clear and strategic communication, so that you can focus on delivering the best products and services to your customers.

Ready to elevate your brand?